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Alcohol in College Essay

  • Submitted by: Researchtool
  • on September 20, 2012
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Kids in highschool dream about the time when they are off on their own, in college and “living the life.”   Along with leaving home, being in a new, maybe faraway place, kids are feeling a different kind of stress with classes,   juggling jobs, and having adult-like responsibilities.   It isn’t surprising that when a kid starts college there is the likelihood that he or she will start to drink.   Parties are everywhere.   There are fraternities and sororities where drinking is necessary to feeling accepted.   Kids feel they need to “unwind”, relax, and have fun.  
Even though twenty one is the legal drinking age, alcohol is all around college campuses and reports indicate that college students drink more than the general population.   Fraternity and sorority members encourage guests to drink, it seems that even though we all know the drinking age, on a college campus, it just doesn’t matter.   When someone walks in the door to a party they aren’t asked for their id, instead they are offered a drink and then the drinks keep coming.   This relaxed attitude towards drinking may be the reason so many young people binge drink while in college.   Binge drinking is becoming crisis at many campuses throughout the country.   A study was conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health where they surveyed 119 colleges and found that 44% of college students had engaged in binge drinking during the two weeks before the survey and many of these students reporting indicated that they were frequent binge drinkers.  

College life opens the doors for frequent drinking, the opportunity is always there.  
There are many problems that can lead to binge drinking for college students.   Besides the obvious reasons like hangovers and forgetting things that may have happened, kids are finding that they engage in risky behavior that they would not have ever thought of doing without the alcohol.   The freedom that comes with being on their own combined with being under the influence leads to...

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