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Alice Walkers Everyday Use and Conformity Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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EH 200
By definition conformity is Compliance with standards, rules, or laws.   We can take this as a way to adapt and shape to society’s standards to be accepted.   Most people want to be accepted by their peers, this way they can become social and have friends, or at least acquaintances.
I have been effected by conformity a few times in my life.   The most significant time was when I was in sixth grade and moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland.   I was moving from Waterville, Maine.   Gaithersburg was a huge city compared to Waterville.   I was not exposed to much diversity in Waterville, and in Gaithersburg there were people of almost every race around me, so much culture that I was unsure what to think.   When I started school I was assigned someone to shadow so I wouldn’t be lost.   He was an Asian guy named Duc (Duke).   He was nice, and surrounding me in a middle school of 2,000 other students were black students, Hispanic students, asian students, students of all reliegeons and I had never seen any of this, so I was just taking it all in.   Everyone was welcoming, and friendly.   I conformed to adjust to the diversity that the city and school had to offer.  
In Maggie: A girl of the streets, Maggie is conforming to the fact that her parents do not parent and she has to “grow up fast”, by this I mean she takes care of her baby brother Tommie, she and Jimmie are pretty much on their own – their mother is usually too drunk to give them nurturing, and care.   She is a vicious alcoholic.   Their father, is usually working or at the bar drinking to avoid his wife, and their mother.   Maggie continues to conform   as she believes she is falling in love with Pete, and continues to grow and adjust to society as she moves out of her family’s tenement of an apartment.   Pete then faces his own conformity when he runs into Nellie who was an old girlfriend.   Nellie convinces Pete that he needs to stay away from Maggie and go away with her, which he does.
Maggie then conforms...

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