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All Young People Should Do National Service Essay

  • Submitted by: Dahvina6
  • on October 6, 2012
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All young people should do national service

June 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of the end of National Service in the United Kingdom, which was initiated to obtain more soldiers for war. Currently, only seven countries still have conscription including Finland, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, and Taiwan. There are numerous arguments for and against the reintroduction of conscription in the UK. These include teaching young people valuable life skills and values, however, it would be difficult to implement and there would be a large cost. The rest of these reasons are discussed below.

An advantage of reintroducing conscription is that it provides society with a large standing army to be called at the ready. Currently, our troops are depleted in numbers and are continuing to fight wars with lesser numbers. Conscription would allow for the troops to be able to fight for our country when and if a national emergency arises. This way, our army would not be made of unprofessional soldiers, for example, scientists, who are merely called upon to make up the numbers, with minimal training.

In current times, the United Kingdom is very multi-cultural, with people from all different countries and religions living in the same country. Racism is a large problem in society and hopefully conscription will show people that we are all the same. In the armed forces, everyone is trained to work as a unit and look out for each other as if they were their own family. This could bring communities together and help our future society live in unity.

Many young adults of today are without purpose and direction; conscription would give them an identity and give them a sense of achievement.
There is a high level of unemployment in the UK and conscription would reduce these numbers. They would be able to learn new trades such as engineering, health care and catering and also develop their social skills. It may also enable them to obtain higher academic...

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