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Alternative Energy Essay

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Below is an essay on "Alternative Energy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Alternative energy is energy sources that have no undesired consequences, such as
Nuclear energy or fossil fuels.   Alternative energy is not only renewable, but is also considered
a free energy source.   Are alternative energy sources the answer to ending human dependence
on oil?   Yes, alternative energy sources are the key to ending our dependency of oil.   We will
evaluate some common types of alternative energy and prove how by using these alternative
sources we can end our dependence of oil.

There are many reasons for humans to start using alternative energy sources.   One of the
main reasons are global warming, and how it is affecting our environment.   “To stop global
warming we’ll have to switch from fossil fuels to alternative energy- regardless of how big the
population gets”   (Gerlagh, 2010). We know that our population will continue to grow, and at the
rate it is going, we not only will not have enough land left to support us, our environment is
declining every day because of the human population. The more we learn about renewable
energy, alternative energy the better off we as a planet will be.   Some of the most commonly
known forms of alternative energy sources is: Wind energy, Solar energy and Hydroelectric
energy, but in essence the list goes on.

By not only using these three alternative energy sources by their selves we could change
so much that affects or environment.   Add to that the combining of any of these three and just
think of how independent we as a whole population could be?   I try to   support not only my
community, but my nation as well.   With the ever growing gas /oil prices, we have to be open to
new ideas and inventions, to try to keep us from being submerged any deeper into depression....

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