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Alziemhers Essay

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Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia.   Dementia is a disorder of the brain which affects a person’s ability to carry out daily activities such as leaving to the store to buy food or picking up someone from a place.   This disease causes the person to slowly lose their intellectual and social skills.   This includes forgetting the names of people who are closest to you, or even forgetting where you live.   As time passes, Alzheimer’s gets worse.   This disease basically affects memory, thinking, and behavior.
The brain has very important functions.   These functions include receiving information, interpreting it; guide the body’s response to it, breathing, maintaining blood pressure, and controlling release of hormones.   Also the brain controls our sleeping patterns, motor function, sensory function, reflexes.   The exact cause of Alzheimer’s is not known. It is widely believed that for most people, Alzheimer’s disease results from a combination of genetic, life style, and environmental factors that affect the brain over time.   Alzheimer’s can also run in the family.
Increasing forgetfulness and mild confusion are the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s.   Secondary symptoms of Alzheimer’s can get in the way with ability to take care of yourself.   This includes difficulty doing essential tasks such as preparing meals and difficulty in reading or writing.   Tertiary symptoms of Alzheimer’s are severe.   The patient can no longer understand language, recognize family members, or perform basic activities such as eating.  
Alzheimer’s mainly affects people of older ages. This is because as you age, your brain is affected more by environmental and genetic factors.   Women are more likely to get Alzheimer’s than men.   Scientist believe the reason is that women live longer than men, so they are more likely to get Alzheimer’s
Anyone can get Alzheimer’s disease.   There about 360,000 cases Alzheimer’s per year in the U.S. In America,...

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