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Amazon Diary Essay

  • Submitted by: Cunny12
  • on January 24, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Day 1

Here I am, my plane has crashed while on my way to South America and I am now in the most ecologically diverse area of the planet, The Amazon rainforest. I am the only survivor and have salvaged what I can from the wreckage to help me survive. I have salvaged fresh food, a knife, waterproof materials, blankets, first-aid supplies, compass, map of the rainforest, some water purification tablets and a hammock with mosquito net to protect me from bugs and insects at night. I’m lucky that the rainforest holds one fifth of the worlds fresh water because I haven’t managed to salvage any from the plane and can use the water purification tablets to purify the water from the river. It would be no problem finding a river that is 4000 miles long and my map told me that I needed to head north (down hill ) from lattitude: -13.453737 longitude: -71.191406
but first I needed to set up camp as it was getting dark. I Wrapped my hammock around 2 emergent tress that were umbrella shaped trees with smooth bark that were about 100 foot tall and the upper canopy had tress about 130 foot tall trees. I will write again in the morning. Day 2
I woke up half expecting to turn on the TV and update my facebook status and then realised I don’t have any of them .Last night was terrible! Only got about an hour’s sleep, if that because of all the bugs and creatures such as crickets, tree crawlers and monkeys. They just wouldn’t be quiet and there was this little creature that sounded like a mini referee. I Have begun the day with some sago palm tree, completely edible but not as nice as a bacon barm. I changed my socks and put bags on my boots because wearing wet socks can lead to chronic moisture which can cause tissue breakdown and fungus. I knew I had to follow the Amazon River because that was the success story that saved the passengers of a 92 passenger flight in 1971. Heading north means you will head to water which leads to civilisation. I only had limited supplies to last me...

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