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American Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: mikeymyers5
  • on January 8, 2013
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Michael Myers
The United States Turns Fifty
  1. Who were the two people mentioned on this page that were the “founding fathers.”
  (A) The two people that were mentioned on this page who were the “founding fathers” were Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
  2. How did Americans feel in 1817?
  (A) In 1817 Americans felt happy because they elected a president that they seemed to agree with. For a brief time disagreements about national issues grew quiet. One Boston newspaper called the period an “Era of Good Feelings.”
  3. How did the US acquire Florida?
  (A) Jackson attacked the Spanish in Florida and seized two of their forts. Troubled by uprisings in its other colonies, Spain found it hard to defend Florida. In a treaty of 1819, Spain agreed to sell Florida to the United States for five million dollars.
  4. What was the Monroe Doctrine?
  (A) In 1823, Monroe issued a daring statement called the Monroe Doctrine. It warned European nations against interfering in the western Hemisphere.
  5. How would you contrast the “Era of Good Feelings” with the period that came before it?
  (A) The period the came before the ‘Era of Good Feelings” was the War of 1812. The War of 1812 was a critical and hard war to the US. But when the war was over the “Era of Good Feelings” happened. The “Era of Good Feelings” was when everyone believed in nationalism when James Monroe was president and everyone got along.
  6. Why was the seventh President of the US different from the last six?
  (A) Every one of the first six Presidents came from a wealthy Virginia or Massachusetts family. But the seventh was the son of poor pioneers. This was a sure sign that the country was changing.
  7. Who was not allowed to vote?
  (A) Women, Native Americans and most African Americans were not allowed to vote.
  8. Compare John Q Adams to Andrew Jackson.
(A) In the election of 1828, Andrew Jackson ran against John Quincy Adams. President...

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