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Americans and Food Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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“I want a triple –stacker bacon cheese burger, large fries and diet coke.”   Next order please? “Double cheese burger, barbecue ribs and lemonade” Next please? This is the routine of most American fast food restaurants. Just like the vast predominance of voters go to the polls and vote ignorantly, so does the American consumer of the fast food. What has the fast food industry done to the American nation?
Obesity is on the tremendous rise amongst the major consumers of these foods. This is attributed to the main qualities of these fast foods:   processed than whole foods with no additives, frozen than freshly obtained from the gardens or stores, meats that are greasy or fatty and deep fried than slowly cooked in the home and carefully planned and ignorance and cravings following the proprietor adverts on media. The fact that the indigenous American menu must have meat and potatoes compared to vegetarian menus from other countries like china, or fresh foods than refrigerated ones also contributes to the high rise of American health problems like high blood pressure and cholesterol problems.
What makes an American consumer a victim of these fast foods?   I will say laziness is one contributing factor. Consumers don’t want to take their time to plan their meals and cook them in a healthy manner in pots from home even if its time consuming. These foods are convenient and save a lot of trouble going through the meal planning and cooking procedure leaving many with expressions like “I do not know how to cook.” Traditionally an American woman was to stay home, take care of the family and cook healthy foods but guess what the changing economic climate and increased cost of living have done? Gender equality, women are travelling and working outside their home leaving the family with no choice other than the convenient fast foods. This is not allowed in countries like Africa where the role of the woman is to make sure that food is cooked in a healthy way for the family...

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