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Amityville Horror Essay

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  • on October 4, 2012
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The Amityville Horror: Fact Or Fiction?

When you hear horror stories do they intrigue you or do you become apathetic and bored?   Many people are aware that horror stories have been around for centuries as means of entertainment, so how can you be sure if what you are hearing is the truth?   The Amityville Horror is a story written by Jay Anson, based on the paranormal activities surrounding George and Kathy Lutz and their children after they moved into their home in Amityville, New York.   The book was published on September 13, 1977 surrounding a rising epidemic in the interest of the paranormal.   Anson was aware of the newfound interest, which is why his book was such a huge success with the public.   Paranormal phenomena, stories based on “true” events, and exorcisms especially, had slowly become a big deal during the decade before this book was written; which is why I believe Jay Anson strategically planned his book release according to these statistics.
The paranormal is more simply identified as what cannot be explained by science or research.   The Amityville Horror was based on many unidentified instances that occurred in the home during the Lutz’s time there, but there are many discrepancies regarding the story.   George and Kathy claim they see large hoof prints in the snow that would have come from a pig, but weather reports from January 1, 1976 in Amityville show no record of snow on that day or the days before. (prairieghosts.com) Another claim made by George was that the doors and windows were all torn from their hinges, but after inspecting the house it was noted that all of the original doors and locks had been untouched. (snopes.com) Why would they claim things in their story that could later be investigated and proven false?
When The Amityville Horror was first presented to the public it was strongly encouraged that the book was “based on true events”.   This statement automatically grasped the attention of its readers because people like to hear...

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