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Amtrak Essay

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Amtrak Case Study
LS312-04 - Ethics and the Legal Environment

Kaplan University
January 8, 2013

Amtrak Case Study
      The stakeholders in this case include everyone related to the organization’s that has an interest or concern in the missions and activities of the organization. This can be inclusive of directors, owners, employees, governmental agencies, shareholders, product suppliers, as well as customers. All stakeholders will have differing levels of interest. An example of this is seen in customer entitlement to fair trade practices while the company employees would be entitled to a greater level of consideration for fair wages and work conditions (Web Finance Inc, 2013).
      Amtrak case study Ethical issues and concerns in the wreck of Amtrak’s sunset limited 1993, the decision makers would have   been North American passenger corporation (Amtrak), National transportation safety board (NTSB), CSX, WGN, the U.S. coast guard, the tow boat captain, the pilot   and Alabama emergency response network. I believe that these responsible parties could have avoided or reduced injury and deaths if all responded appropriately. Affected by the lack of response and decisions made in the wreck. Many things could   have been different if plans would have been in play and action would have been taken   before the train set way. The ethical decision not to spend time or money to put safety measures in the play lost lives for many.
      The interest of the stakeholders varies among the multiple parties involved. The National Transportation Safety Board are obligated to review and analyze the contributing factors, and provide recommendations to new policies to avoid future problems, Without enforcing the proper measures the stakeholders will have no legal CSR to follow. Amtrak and CSX interest rely heavily on their reputation and fixing the situation at hand to restore trust and maintain business.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social...

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