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Amy Harkin Cache Essay

  • Submitted by: lauraharkin
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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D3- Include examples of how you are developing the knowledge or skills that will improve each aspect of professional practice.

Timekeeping and Attendance

I am developing my Timekeeping and Attendance e.g. I be on time every morning but I will come in even earlier so I will have time to talk to my supervisor to see if I am doing everything ok and if I can improve my skills on anything, e.g. on a Tuesday morning I am in charge of setting up the painting and drawing tables for the children so this means that I will come in a half an hour earlier to prepare for the class and being ready instead of doing it while the children are here. I will improve my Attendance e.g. if my timetable says that I am off on a Tuesday and Friday I will improve this by coming in on the days off and prepare lessons and make up new activities for the children, this will insure that the children will be used to me and know me instead of only seeing me a couple of days a week.

Attitudes to work

I will be improving my skills to my attitudes to work by showing enthusiasm in the classroom by always being happy and not shouting or making them feel as if you are not interested. e.g. if children look tired and are sleeping when they are not ament to I will try and make them distracted or interned in what we are doing.

Understanding of children’s Behaviour

I will be developing the skills of understanding of children’s behaviour in a childcare setting e.g. all the children in the setting are different so i will have to make more time and get to know what ways they behave in and in different ways. When I have done this I will plan ways to change all the children’s moods in a simple way and one way for all of them but I will understand if some other children will need more attention because I know that all children are different and they react in different ways.

Non judgemental approaches to practice

I will be improving my skills of understanding of children’s behaviour as I...

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