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An Applied Microeconomic Report on the Us and Uk's Provisions of Healthcare

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An Applied Microeconomic report on the US and UK's provisions of Healthcare
Policies for healthcare between many developed countries differ greatly, both in its structure and prioritisation of healthcare's goals, which highlighted by Connolly, are equity and efficiency (Connolly 1999a, p362). The market for healthcare sees two extremes, whereby provision is somewhere between a completely free market and a completely regulated market. The differences in policies appear to stem from where within the market, each individual country has allowed its provision to lie. Provision in the US is built primarily on a free market model, where resource allocation and prices are determined by market forces. This structure is intended, however may not be seen, to provide free market incentives to achieve efficiency. Despite much of US healthcare being privately provided, the Federal government supplies Medicare and Medicaid (to over 65’s and Low income earners respectively) through public funding. The UK has developed a more broad publicly funded and universal healthcare system, the 'National Health Service' (NHS), giving every British citizen the equal right to access healthcare without the need for insurance, making the provision horizontally equitable. Issues however, do arise when markets do not respond in the way they were intended to and certain market failures prevail, including in-equitability, asymmetric information which in turn causes adverse selection and moral hazard and under-provision as a consequence of healthcare's merit good nature. The role of correcting these failures is taken up by the Regulators within respective countries, however the methods implemented differ when price is not a significant influence on healthcare's provision - the NHS for example. This report endeavours to analyse these problems in greater depth, assessing the microeconomic features of the US and the UK's healthcare systems.
In an idealised neo-classical market perfect information...

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