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An Essay for This Dumb Fuck

  • Submitted by: ellisk
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: English
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Junior Paper

Kyle Ellis

Music Festivals Comparative
1960s and 2000s

U.S History
Mr. Hicks

Music Festivals has brought people together throughout history. “The very first music festivals were arguably in Ancient Egypt around 4500 B.C., the Pre-Dynastic Period. This particular music festival consisted of religious ceremonies and political fests which featured music and dancing.”(Hearsy,Adam 1) Music Festivals were heavily religious in the beginning but soon fanned out into a wider range of musical influences.   “The first known music festival to be held in Ancient Greece was during the 6th Century B.C. during The Pythian Games. The games were usually held two years before, and after the Olympic Games. Unlike the mainly sports based Olympics, the Pythian Games also consisted competitions for music and also poetry.”(Hearsy,Adam 1)   People would gather and pick their favorite musician to win. Over the course of the next millennium Music Festivals grew and changed. They turned into events not meant to spread religion or to see who the best was, but into events dedicated to the joy of the music itself. In the 1930s festivals were becoming annual events attracting more people every year. “The first known music festival of the Modern Era was The Berkshire Festival, also known as Tanglewood. The music venue is also an estate, situated in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and has been home to the annual festival since 1937.”(Hearsey,Adam 3) The most famous festivals of the 20th century were in the 1960s were pop-culture changed Music Festivals forever. The biggest and most famous festival of the time was Woodstock, where 500,000 people showed up on a 600 acre dairy farm to listen to 32 of their favorite artists. Then festivals evolved from the 1960s in to the festivals of today.   The changes in the festivals from the 1960s and 2000s, specifically in the personal expression, purpose, and stages were immense. These changes have occurred from the popularity and modern...

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