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An Expectation Essay

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  • on January 25, 2013
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An expectation is a vision but reality is when it happens to you. What we see is an illusion, what we do is a reality. What comes back to us is worth giving a thought to, what we feel is there, and what we think is an expectation. So, basically what we expect from people or things is far away from the reaction we receive.
Expectations can be very high, but the output that we get is often not exactly the same. Reality is mostly cruel and harsh, whereas an expectation is a world of dreams. It‘s like being on the other side of the mirror where everything seems so pretty and perfect but the fact remains that it is all fake. You always expect to see something nice and new to pop up there, but 
all that pops up is a pimple. So, here we see that reality is usually packed with all its 
ugliness, attacks you with its over-powering strength and hits you hard enough to sweep you off your feet.
Then again, it’s not always that bad as it may sound. If you are really lucky your expectations may turn into a living reality and at times hard work also pays off. It is all a matter of fate and fortune. It’s a fact that an expectation and its reality are never consistently even. However, it also depends on what your goals are. Like I work twenty-seven hours/week and at the end of every week I expect to get heavy cash but what I do get always dissatisfies me. This is where the harsh reality hits me and I am absolutely thrown off my feet and I feel like saying mean things to my manager but I can’t because if I do, I get fired and I can’t afford that either. So one learns to live up with reality no matter what it takes. Every week it seems like a traumatizing event has occurred in my life but I simply go on with it.
Also when I get home from work or school I expect to cook myself some excellent food but I always end up munching on a cheese sandwich or some other gross junk. Well, this is life, a reality. You never get what you expect. But that‘s not...

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