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An Increase of Price of Cigarette Essay

  • Submitted by: jokkoo
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "An Increase of Price of Cigarette" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It is necessary to raise the cost of cigarette
    In modern life, a cigarette has become very popular. A lot of people like to smoke in all of situation. In fact, the number of smokers smoking has risen dramatically day by day. This essay examines some of the arguments for and against the price of cigarettes should include 50% tax.
    One argument is that the price of cigarettes should include 50% tax to prevent people smoking too much in other to protect their health. Smoking causes serious diseases such as Emphysema, lung cancer. According to the United States Department of Health, smokers are ten times more likely to die of lung cancer than non-smoker. It is never late to quit smoking in other to protect your health.
  Another argument in including tax in the price of cigarettes is that it can help community to be healthy. Smoking is very dangerous because it cause many harm to not only smokers but also nonsmokers. For example, pregnant woman who smoke too much can cause asthma to their unborn child. Non-smoker fell very unpleasant when they breathe in other people’s smoke. This could be very dangerous for passive smokers to risk lung cancer and heart disease.
    In contrast, there is a strong argument against the pride of cigarettes should include 50% tax because cigarettes is a part of entertainment. Nowadays, number of people smoke is increased significantly day by day because cigarettes help people feeling happy. To illustrate this, workers is very tired after working for a whole day, so they need cigarettes that helps them feel
comfortable. In addition, they like cigarettes because it is not much expensive. That should be big problems if the pride of cigarettes including 50% tax.
    Finally, if the pride of cigarettes will include 50% tax, it should be likely to drugs such as heroin. One of the biggest differences between smokers and people use heroin is smokers do not kill people and steal their property to have money to buy cigarettes. People...

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