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An Intelligent Tutoring System for Learning Java Objects Essay

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International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications (IJAIA), Vol.2, No.2, April 2011

An Intelligent Tutoring System for Learning Java Objects
S. Abu-Naser1, A. Ahmed1, N. Al-Masri1, A. Deeb2, E. Moshtaha2 and M. AbuLamdy2

Faculty of Engineering and Information technology, Al-Azhar University, Gaza, Palestine.

Faculty of Information Technology, Palestine University, Gaza, Palestine.

Corresponding author: Samy S. Abu-Naser, Faculty of Engineering and Information technology, AlAzhar University, Gaza, Palestine. Tel:(+9708)2824020 Fax:(+9708)2832907

The paper describes the design of a web based intelligent tutoring system for teaching Java objects to students to overcome the difficulties they face. The basic idea of this system is a systematic introduction into the concept of Java objects. The system presents the topic of Java objects and administers automatically generated problems for the students to solve. The system is dynamically adapted at run time to the student’s individual progress. The system provides explicit support for adaptive presentation constructs. An initial evaluation study was done to investigate the effect of using the intelligent tutoring system on the performance of students enrolled in computer science III in the Faculty of Engineering and Information technology at Al-Azhar University, Gaza. The results showed a positive impact on the evaluators.

KEYWORDS: Intelligent Tutoring System, Java Objects, Problem Generation, JO-Tutor

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) can be traced back to the early 1970s, when Carbonell tried to combine methods of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Computer Aided Instruction (CAI)[9]. Thus, the first generation of ITSs are more or less a kind of “intelligent” CAI. Their main task is stated by Lelouche: “The basic principle of ‘intelligent’ CAI is that it should know the taught material”[15]. Knowledge about the taught material is embedded in the ITS in...

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