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An Open Letter to 9th Students, Response Essay

  • Submitted by: Carozz
  • on September 21, 2012
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What do we expect from us?
Sullivan, in his letter to 9th student strongly states the point that a high school student needs to cover a group of abilities needed for college. He is, in fact, right about these skills, however, they don’t guarantee success, there are many other behavioral and education skills learned in home that builds student’s maturity towards school.
According to the author, any person needs to have always a clear goal in order to achieve what he or she wants, and as a student,this group of skills, are good examples of long-term goals –If not achieved yet-. One, maybe the most important, goal to achieve is to be a good reader: reading implies taking a book not only as a bunch of paper, full of letters, but as a friend, enjoying it from the beginning to the end with no obligations behind; associating ‘’reading’’ with terms like duty or discomfort only reflects the lack of this skill as a weakness, since students are required to read big loads of material for their classes.
Writing is another point that Sullivan mentions, it is important as a student –and I’m very sure that in life too- to have the idea that you can always improve your writing and don’t, like many do, think of yourself as an efficient writer just because you know how to appropriate put words with some sense on a sheet of paper, because is not the denotative part we are looking for instead the reader needs to think and dream while reading, and also be illustrated by the writing skills of an author- folks do not read Shakespeare or Wilde because of their “typical sense of words”, they read these authors to feel alive themselves and to learn-. Writing requires dedication, effort, and sometimes enthusiasm, doing critical reviews and research can really boost your writing skills. The third point he states is thinking, this can be crucial, because having a no-limitations mindset can help us raising our intellect and preparing for the outer world. Listening -as always mistaken with...

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