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An Unnerving Feeling Essay

  • Submitted by: jacquelynnn11
  • on November 13, 2012
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An Unnerving Feeling - Rewrite

The term ‘uncanny’ is has been described as unfamiliar or uncomfortably strange. Sigmund Freud describes the ‘uncanny’ as frightening or something arousing dread and horror. In Hoffman’s ‘The Sandman’ the factors of repetition, the ‘double’, and the castration complex all contribute to the uncanny feeling of the story. I believe having these elements in the story cause it to be a sort of creepy or spooky tale rather than a typical children’s’ story. These aspects of the uncanny contribute to the scary feeling of the story and without them, it wouldn’t be considered uncanny.
‘The Sandman’ story is about a scary and haunting man, known as the Sandman, who is known to steal and tear out children’s eyes. Young Nathanial was haunted by the story of ‘The Sandman’ when he was a child because the man he assumed was the Sandman, Coppellius, seemed to have killed his father and conveniently disappeared. Even when Nathanial is older, he is constantly reminded of the childhood trauma he experienced with the subject of eyes including telescopes and spectacles. This repetition of eyes in his life does not necessarily mean anything. But according to Freud, because he associates eyes with the Sandman, then they seem uncanny and frightening to him. Repetition does not seem like it would be considered uncanny, but because we believe a repetition of the same thing is strange or somehow planned, it gives the thing a sense of being frightening. Nathaniel is afraid of the Sandman because ever since he was a child, he would relate the Sandman to the death of his father. In doing so, it brought back horrible memories like those of his father protecting him and his eyes from the evil Coppellius. Since then he was scarred by the idea of eyes because the very thought would remind him of his childhood trauma of his late father. The repetition of eyes is important in this way because it forces Nathaniel to think back to his childhood and remember even...

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