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Anabolic Steroids Essay

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Nicholas Martin
Mrs. Rau
11/1910 Anabolic Steroids
When you see the results of body builders taking anabolic steroids they are nothing short of a perfectly shaped specimen, but anabolic steroids have a side that isn’t so pretty.
In this paper we will discuss anabolic steroids. The topics that we will go over are the history, effects, medical uses, treatment, facts, and the legal/sport status of anabolic steroids.
First we will talk about the history. Anabolic comes from the Greek work “building”.   Anabolic steroids were invented in 1930 by a Russian scientist to treat hypogonadism. Nothing was really done to the steroid until World War Two. Hitler the dictator of Germany had tried to make his army more powerful by forcing his soldiers to take the steroid. The allies also used Anabolic steroids but for a better purpose. They used Anabolic steroids to help rebuild body tissue on many of the concentration camp survivors. In 1958 you would hear the name Anabolic steroids again but for a different reason. Russian weightlifters used it that year in the Olympics to get an advantage over the competition. Soon after American Scientist tried to improve steroids so that it had fewer effects but still help our athletes. They failed, causing people to take more doses. This caused serious medical conditions causing the FDA to ban the steroid.
Many effects take place when taking steroids either physical or mental. Either way steroids are no way to improve mentally or physically with consequences. We will now talk about the effects of Anabolic steroids. Mentally steroids will kill you, tests have proved that when you take steroids you are 10 times more likely to commit suicide and or go into depression. They can also cause “Roid Rage”. This “rage” is when a non-violent person has an outburst of anger and cannot control it or do not know what they are doing. “ Preston Collins played football at age 15 for his high school football team. He was an honor...

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