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Character Analysis – The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Character – Abigail Williams
Arthur Miller, in his play The Crucible, makes use of diverse character ranges to bring out the strong effect of the story. In Act 1 of the play, each character’s role is introduced in detail. The events are brought through historical references and in relation to one main character, Abigail Williams. The story seems to revolve around the girl as she creates all the havoc after Reverend Parris notices Abigail, his niece, and a group of girls dancing around a fire along with a black slave from Barbados, Tituba, who is also known for conjuring spells.   Is Abigail the root cause for the spark of suspicious witchcraft activity in Salem?
To begin with, Abigail is a 17 year old mischievous and intelligent girl with magnificent manipulative and deceitful skills. As the antagonist in the play, her character defines exactly what a manipulative individual would do to get oneself out of a situation. With every accusation pointed towards the girl, she manages to dodge it by blaming another member of the group of suspects.    
Abigail’s main intention to cast spells is to eliminate Elizabeth Proctor, the affair, John Proctor’s wife. Ever since her affair with John Proctor, her target has fallen upon the innocent Elizabeth Proctor, an honest and true Christian of Salem. The ceremony held in the forest, in her thought, was to be able to conjure up some spells against Elizabeth and take her position as John’s wife. Her manipulative skills came in use to convince Tituba to let her cast such spells. “Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be-; She is blackening my name in the village! She is telling lies about me! She is a cold, snivelling woman, and you bend to her! Let her turn you like a-”(Miller I.202-205). This depicts her hatred towards Elizabeth Proctor and to what extents she would go to harm her. When accused of casting spells in the forest, Abigail finds ways to...

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