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Analysis Essay

  • Submitted by: teamo273
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Analysis Essay of Two Articles
When writing about the same event, an indictment against Reliant Incorporated for allegedly manipulating electricity prices during California’s crisis in 2000, two writers, Andrew Galvin and Elizabeth Douglass, chose two different ways to report. Andrew, the reporter from Orange County Register, used the neutral voice with a little bit bias forwards Reliant company, and his article did not have enough information for the reader to know what really happened. In contrary, the writer of Los Angeles Times, Elizabeth, reported the hard facts by gratifying voice and detailed analysis reason of the indictment so that the consumers and readers could get the truth.
The two articles were written in the same day, in 9 March 2004, and about the same indictment of Reliant. According to the articles, Reliant withheld much-needed power to boost prices, which resulted in high energy bills in 2000 and 2001. However, only article written by Elizabeth included the answers of Why and How questions, whereas the article written by Andrew only had the answer of Who, What, When and Where questions, which were already in Elizabeth’s report. Thus, the first article, Andrew’s report, was absolutely a straightforward report for what happened and did not contain any deep analyzing. The lack of information could lead the reader to sympathize for Reliant Company because they agreed to pay $13.8 million. Moreover, the reader could think the facts that Reliant did not admit any wrongdoing as well as the shutting down plants were tolerable because they lost money, $3 million in June 2000, and they just withheld power from the unneeded repairs, according to Andrew. In contrary, the more informative and detailed report of Elizabeth showed that Reliant Resources Incorporated was absolutely deserved for the indictment and the criminal charging was not enough, to compare with Reliant’s profits from the alleged manipulation. According to Elizabeth, holding back about...

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