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Analysis of an Argument

  • Submitted by: victoriadm95
  • on January 6, 2013
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Jeff Jacoby is a writer and columnist for the Boston Globe who wrote the article “Bring Back Flogging” that was published in the Globe in 1997. This article’s title is very self-explanatory; the bulk of it analyzes the prisons and their faults and offers flogging as a punishment that is less cruel by Jacoby’s standards. While his points of the prison system failing are valid, he leaves several loose ends in his argument that cannot be ignored: the validity of his evidence and assumptions made that are not necessarily universal to his audience.  
Jacoby’s main argument and thesis is that prison sentences for nonviolent, especially first or second convicted, crimes should be replaced with public flogging, in the same fashion as Puritan punishments. Jacoby argues that prison has been “our penalty of choice for almost every offense in the criminal code” (193). Another one of his main points is that flogging is much cheaper than the price of caring for an inmate- which he estimates to be thirty thousand dollars per year. This brings up the question of what facts that estimate is based off of. Jacoby also quotes Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun’s words on page 194, “The horrors experienced by many young inmates, particularly those who… are convicted of nonviolent offenses.” The horrors Blackmun speaks of are of rape and torture commonly found in prisons. Jacoby’s broad thesis of flogging replacing prison sentences is clearly stated in the title and his purpose is definite because the reader is able to easily understand that Jacoby is trying to change the prison system.
While Jacoby’s thesis and purpose is clear, his methods are questionable. While most of his sources are competent, some are not defined. Jacoby uses a quote from a Princeton criminologist to support his idea that first or second time convicted criminals should not be put into prison. This was a viable, believable source; however, in the previous paragraph Jacoby uses information, prevalent to his...

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