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Analysis of Dracula

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on January 7, 2013
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Dracula is what one might call today's stereotypical vampire. All he envisions; Tall, thin and pale, with white fangs, marked face, dressed in black and the fear of sunlight. A naughty creature, risen from the grave to suck blood. This is the picture we envisage as the archetypal vampire. But this has always been the definition of vampires, or is this just a contemporary interpretation? And if that was not it, how we came to the vampire we have today? To figure this out you may want to examine the original Dracula from 1897 and see how he is described.
To understand how Dracula is portrayed, one must have a basic knowledge of how the book is constructed. The book is actually composed of the characters' * records, diaries, letters, newspaper clippings, and memoranda of the main characters themselves, that they should get a complete overview of everything that had happened. This was done not to prevent important details that could help them understand in Count Dracula and all the mysteries that happen in the story. Dracula is therefore only depicted through others' perception of his or actions that count carries a main character present and descriptions are always direct. We have absolutely no insight into his thoughts and we do not know what he does on his own.
Already in the second chapter, "Jonathan Harkers records" gives us a detailed description of how the count looks. Here he is described as a tall old man, clean shaven except long white mustache, and clad in black from head to foot. His face has ├Şrneliknende tendencies that his high nasal bridge over a thin nose with curved nostrils. The forehead is high and rounded with hair thinning at the temples, but full otherwise. His eyebrows were thick and grew almost together over the nose. His mouth was clenched, but behind those red lips, he had white sharp teeth. The ears were pale and pointy and the cheeks firm though they were lean. He had pale hands with blunt, broad fingers, fairly coarse, with long and nice...

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