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Analysis Piece

  • Submitted by: tdeganna
  • on October 17, 2013
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Ad Analysis Guidelines

Advertisements are the purest form of persuasion.   The sole goal of the advertising industry is to get their audience to change attitudes and behavior, ultimately, being persuaded via these images and words nit merely to buy a product, but to identify with a brand and to buy into an ideology.

Students should find a print advertisement (generally from a magazine) they’re drawn to.   The ad may use text or incorporate only graphics.
  * Select an ad you’re interested in
  * Begin by describing what you see
  * Interpret implicit or explicit associations and meanings in the ad by analyzing text, images, and brand/product.   What is the ad saying about gender, race, relationships, normalcy, etc?
  * Lastly, evaluate the implications of an ad like this.   What are the ultimate ‘consequences’ and what worldview is represented here?

An “A” paper will be well organized, obviously prepared, original in nature, (please go beyond the obvious ads about youth, whiteness, beauty), and will strongly integrate course concepts from various readings.  
A paper that is unoriginal or uninspired (we could’ve come up with this ourselves, or someone who has not taken the class would arrive at the same conclusions) will need to be re-written.
A project that does not reference readings or vocabulary thoroughly will be need to be re-written.

Rhetorical Song Analysis Guidelines
This assignment is meant to demonstrate to students that everything has rhetorical value, including and often especially, art forms.   Combining what we know about popular culture with our new lens of feminist criticism, ideological criticism, Marxist perspective*, or narrative perspective*, select a piece of music that you like from any genre that you believe works to present a worldview to its audience.
*see me if you need additional readings on these perspectives.

To begin:   ask yourself the following questions (also helpful in determining the...

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