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Analyzing Business Essay

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Analyzing Business-Related Messages
Organizations use different communication methods for employee correspondence. Such methods include verbal communication, such as face-to-face conversations, and written communication, such as e-mail, faxes, memos, and letters. “Studies have shown that nonverbal messages tend to stay with the receiver three times longer than verbal messages. When verbal and nonverbal messages are inconsistent, it is the nonverbal message that will usually come through the strongest” (Lewis & Graham, 1988, p. 27). Many factors can influence the effectiveness of communication. The sender of a message determines the content of the message being sent. The receiver decodes the message received. The message delivered contains information the sender conveys to individuals. Feedback lets the sender know the receiver understood the message. The environment ranges from the setting to the organizational climate, which describes the relationships between superiors and subordinates and peers. If any of these factors disturb what the message is trying to portray then miscommunication occurs. In this paper, three business-related messages will be analyzed and one will be provided with valuable feedback. OSHA Memo

A memo given to the employees of a dental practice by the organization’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officer helped prepare them for a surprise inspection by reminding them of some key points. According to Miller (2007), OSHA’s requirements are designed for the protection of the business and its customers so, “if compliance does not occur and authorities are notified, some penalty may be assessed” (para. 1). This dental office was attempting to become part of the Safety and Health...

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