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Anatomy Essay

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Below is an essay on "Anatomy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

  * The study of structures
  * The study of functions

Anatomy & Physiology

  * Subdivisions
      * Gross or Macroscopic – you can view the structure w/out the need of a microscope
        * A) Regional antatomy
        * B) systemic anatomy
Microscopic – use of microscope
  A) Histology – study of tissue
Embryology – the study of

Regional anatomy
Thorax (chest)
Heart – cardiovascular system
Lungs – respiratory system
Esophagus –

Conception Fetal perioid     Birth
        Embryonic period         9weeks                     Organs maturation                            

Organization of body
Complex                   Organism (minh/ Samantha)
11 Organ systems

ORGANS – you will have 2 more different type of tissue to make up an organ. Organs have 4 different types of tissues.

Tissue – 4 type of tissue:
1 Epithelial tissue, use it to lining.
2 connective tissue,
3 muscle tissue,
4 nervous tissue.

Basic Atoms

Organ systems
Know 11 organ systems
  * Organs found within functions of the system
  1. Integumentary system
      a. Skin - protection
      b. Hair - Optional
      c. Nail - Optional
      d. Glands – EX: sweat glands – cools body.   Ceremonious glands – ear wax.
  2. Skeletal system – structural support, protection, calcium storage, hematopoietic – blood via bone marrow.
      e. Bones -
      f. Joints
      g. Ligaments –
  3. Muscular system
      h. Muscles – 3 types of muscles:
        i. skeleton muscle – to move the skeleton. Also facial movement. Part of swallowing is voluntary.
        ii. smooth muscle – found in hollow organs, organ that have a space inside.
            1. Solid organ, : liver – no lumen(no spaces)
        iii. cardiac muscle – found in the heart. Produces the pressure to move the blood....

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