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Anatomy, Atoms, Cells, Oh My... Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Anatomy, Atoms, Cells, Oh My..." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. Anatomy and Physiology
a. Please define the terms anatomy and physiology
Many seem to get ‘anatomy’ and physiology confused with one another. The word ‘anatomy’ is the study of the internal and external composition of a living being; like a person or an animal. ‘Physiology’ is the study of how living beings carry out necessary functions (Bartholomew & Martini, 2012). In basic terms, anatomy is the structure and physiology is the functions of our bodies.

b. Explain the connection between anatomy and physiology within the human body; basically how do they influence one another?
Anatomy and physiology are connected with one another and the study of one on its own is incomplete without the other. Anatomy is the structure and physiology is the function; making each one seemingly only half of an equation. Anatomical information leads to information about physiology and visa-versa (Bartholomew & Martini, 2012).

c. Using the terminology of the anatomical landmarks/regions and directional terms, please write 2 example sentences with proper usage. For example, “the axilla region is superior to the cubical region of the body”.
The scalp is superficial to the skull, meaning it is relatively close to the surface (Bartholomew & Martini, 2012). The knees are inferior to the hips, meaning they are at a lower level (Bartholomew & Martini, 2012).

2. Feedback Mechanisms
a. Compare and contrast the two feedback mechanisms our bodies use to maintain homeostasis.
The body needs to maintain a stable internal body temperature for homeostasis. If we are too hot, our sweat glands are activated and blood flow to the skin is increased (Bartholomew & Martini, 2012). The perspiration evaporated on the skin causes a cooling effect the restores homeostasis (Bartholomew & Martini, 2012). If we become too cold, blood flow is decreased and heat is produced through muscle activity in shivering; thus increasing body temperature and restoring homeostasis (Bartholomew & Martini,...

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