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Anatomy Case Study

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Case Study 1 – Nicole Nixon


Chief Complaints/Symptoms:

  * Double Vision
  * Fatigue
  * Weakness in legs
  * Hand tremors (occasional)
  * Trouble remembering things

Patient Information:

  * Name: Brent Brachmann
  * Age: 22
  * Gender: Male

Other Pertinent Information:

  * He is an athlete and played three sports in high school. He currently runs and competes in road races.
  * Stressed out with school work

Onset of injury:

  * No injury, symptoms began one month ago.

Diagnosis (several options in order of severity):
  * Anemia
  * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  * Lupus

  * Anemia:
      * CBC test to check iron and B12 levels.
  * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
      * Since CFS is hard to diagnose you would run tests for many other diseases such as:
        * Blood Glucose Level - Diabetes
        * Thyroid-Simulating Hormone - Thyroid Disorders
        * CBC/Chemistry Panel/Urinalysis – Check general health
  * Lupus:
      * CBC – Focus on ANA levels
      * Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
      * Kidney and liver assessment
      * Urinalysis

Treatments and Prognosis:
  * Anemia:
      * Iron Supplements
      * Vitamin B12 injections
      * Change diet to add more B12 and Folate
  * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
      * More sleep
      * Change exercise routine (less exercise)
      * Antidepressants
      * Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  * Lupus:
      * Acetaminophen
      * Antimalarial Drugs
      * Low-Dose Corticosteroids
      * Cyclophosphamide
      * Antidepressants or Antianxiety drugs
      * Change in diet
      * More sleep
      * Change in exercise routine (swimming or walking)

  * Anemia:
      * Curable in most instances.
  * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
      * Outlook varies. In some cases people’s symptoms can clear up completely while others experience periodic symptoms. In severe cases, symptoms never...

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