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Ancient Mesopotamia Essay

  • Submitted by: markzzzzzzzzzz
  • on January 5, 2013
  • Category: History
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Below is an essay on "Ancient Mesopotamia" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

(1) - Chimneys for the following fireplaces: - Gentrific "Flame-o-Rama" - Gentrific "Way of the Wood" - Casbah Casuals Fireplaces

In order to create a recolour package, open OW and select any of the three fireplaces (no matter which one: the recolour will be available for all of them). Then load the game and buy the fireplace; once installed, go into "Design Mode" and click in turn on each section of the chimney (the base, the chimney and the top) and apply the new colour to every section. IMPORTANT: the recolour will be lost if you move the fireplace! So, apply the new colour only when the fireplace has been put in its definitive position. Create the recolour package in the usual way. In order to apply the recolour to these, you can't use the catalog, since they aren't buyable objects. Instead, go into "Design Mode" and click on the object: the game will show all the available recolours for that object. For the two mentioned "pets" (Bird and Guinea Pig), you will also see the available custom recolours in the dialog, when you "restock" the pet cage. Now the CEP contains a special "EXTRA" that forces the handsets to automatically take the recolour from the base. The "trick" suggested with the earlier CEP versions (i.e. to go to live mode and then use the Design Tool over the handset) is no longer needed. Create the recolour package in the usual way. The recolours for the Amplifier are shown in the catalog and can be selected as usual. The recolours for the guitar don't show up in the catalog: this is a Maxis issue, not a CEP problem. In order to apply the recolour to the guitar, select the "Design Tool" and click on the GUITAR (NOT the Amplifier!!!). This is another Maxis issue: when you buy the bubble machine, you can choose the colour of the machine, but the pillows will always be in the default red colour. If you want to apply a recolour to the pillows, go into Design Mode and click in turn on each pillow. You can give each pillow a different colour, if you...

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