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Andrea Peyser Essay

  • Submitted by: Bluebird12
  • on September 18, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Andrea Peyser" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Andrea Peyser is a reporter for the New York Post. She addresses topics that may not be much of a concern to the life of an average New Yorker, but things that aggravates her personally . Be it in the media, on money or belittling the mayor, Peyser brings her point across with her use of pathos, logos and informal diction. 

Peyser uses pathos to bring others around to her point of view. When addressing Mayor Bloomberg's zoning laws she states Bloomberg wanting to "wedge young and childless singles and couples…into microscopic flats…". ('Space'-Cadet Mike, Peyser)She describes his actions in such a way that makes his new laws sound so horrible and inhumane, making the reader see them as that way as well. 

Surrounded by her use of pathos are lines of logos. In her rant over Bloomberg's pro-breastfeeding initiative, Peyser states the statistics of how many hospitals stopped giving out free formula, then goes on to refer to the whole situation as the "Nazification of nursing"(Mike bites the bottle, Peyser). She also explains how rent regulation works before adding verbal ironic phrase "Landlords have to make a living, too." ('Space'-Cadet Mike, Peyser). She encircles her logical backing by her own personal feelings on the matter at hand. 

Peyser uses a great deal of informal word choice throughout her articles. She describes NBC's way of dismissing Ann Curry as "a lousy way to treat a lady" ('Today' serves 'goat' Curry, Peyser). She also refers to Estiatorio Milos as an "upscale chow house" (Like sheep to the $laughter, Peyser) . Her little use of sophisticated word choice gives her articles a more casual encounter.

Furthermore, Peyser uses logos pathos and informal diction to bring her view across to her readers. Her emotional persuasion ties around her logical backing, and her casual vocabulary gives her work a less stuffy impression. 

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