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Animal Cell Components Essay

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Cell Organisation and the functions of cell components
Component | Diagram | Function |
DNA - | | DNA is coded with instructions on how to make proteins. A Gene is part of the DNA’s genetic code. DNA is used in Reproduction as the cells can’t separate without DNA. |
Chromatin | | Chromatin is DNA is wound around proteins. The Form that DNA has during the normal life of a cell. |
Chromosome | | Coiled up chromatin in X Shaped chromosomes. The form that DNA has during cell reproduction. |
Nucleus | | Contains the DNA of the cell.   Has nuclear pores which allows things to pass in and out of the nucleus |
Nucleolus | | Creates RNA that will be made into ribosomes |
mRNA | | Carries the genetic code from one gene into the cytoplasm |
Rough ER | | A system of channels through the cytoplasm studded with ribosomes.   Carries the proteins made by the ribosomes around the cell |
Ribosome’s | | The spotty stuff on rough ER.   Uses instructions on the mRNA to assemble amino acids in the correct order to make protein. |
Smoothe ER | | Like rough ER but without the ribosomes.   Smooth ER specializes in making lipids and breaking down toxic molecules |
Golgi | | A collection of smooth ER where substances made in the ER are modified and packaged into vesicles and lysosomes |
Secretory vesicles | | A bubble of membrane pinched off the Golgi – carry substances to the cell membrane for export |
Lysosomes | | Exactly the same structure as vesicles - stay in the cytoplasm to digest substances inside the cell |
Microvilli | | Finger like extensions of the cell membrane – increases the amount of membrane around the cell so that more chemicals can be absorbed into the cell |
Mitochondria | | Bound by a double membrane – mitochondria are the energy producers of the cell.   They carry out aerobic respiration which converts glucose and oxygen into carbon dioxide and water.   The energy released by this process is used to make ATP which is the energy...

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