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Animal Farm Documents Essay

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  • on October 4, 2012
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Animal Farm
When Animal Farm was published in 1945, its
British author George Orwell (a pseudonym for
Eric Arthur Blair) had already waited a year and a
half to see his manuscript in print. Because the book
criticized the Soviet Union, one of England's allies
in World War II, publication was delayed until the
war ended. It was an immediate success as the first
edition sold out in a month, nine foreign editions
had appeared by the next year, and the American
Book-of-the-Month Club edition sold more than a
half-million copies. Although Orwell was an experienced
columnist and essayist as well as the author
of nine published books, nothing could have
prepared him for the success of this short novel, so
brief he had considered self-publishing it as a pamphlet.
The novel brought together important
themes-politics, truth, and class conflict-that
had concerned Orwell for much of his life. Using
allegory-the weapon used by political satirists of
the past, including Voltaire and Swift-Orwell
made his political statement in a twentieth-century
fable that could be read as an entertaining story
about animals or, on a deeper level, a savage attack
on the misuse of political power. While Orwell
wrote Animal Farm as a pointed criticism of
Stalinist Russia, reviews of the book on the fiftieth-
anniversary of its publication declared its message
to be still relevant. In a play on the famous
line from the book, "Some animals are more equal
than others," an Economist reviewer wrote, "Some
classics are more equal than others," and as proof
he noted that Animal Farm has never been out of
George Orwell
Volume 3 I V o I u m e 3 I
A n i m a I F a r m
George Orwell
print since it was first published and continues to
sell well year after year.
George Orwell was born Eric Arthur Blair in
Bengal, India, in 1903, into a family that had to
struggle to make ends meet. The son of a British
civil servant, Orwell was brought to England as a

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