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Animal Welfare Essay

  • Submitted by: AJ2014
  • on January 25, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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My argument is in the case of Animal welfare, As human beings it is self evident that we are a superior species with our development of technology, modern medicine, and our understanding in the world itself. This being said it is our responsibility to care for animals with fair treatment but not to the point that animals are equal along with us. Animals are key to our advances in modern medicine with certain key features that are similar to humans allowing us to test certain medicines and effects of different products. This allows for better treatment of both humans and animals as a whole. Our life spans have extended so much further with the knowledge gained from animal testing. As human beings we are omnivores we require both meat and plants in our diet to get all of the nutrients there have been some substitutes to make up the nutrients that others use in order not to consume animal products they are not nearly complete enough for human nutritional requirements. We have for many years needed nutrients from consuming certain animals and these nutritional needs cannot be changed. Even within the wild there is predator and prey we are simply taking our place within life’s food chain. Although unlike the animals in the wild we make our procedure of getting the products humane and no animals suffer through the process. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that animals are well cared for whether on a farm or domesticated within a home. There are federal laws in place to ensure no animal is harmed or mistreated. In many cases on farm animals have their environments changed so that they are not stressful and can thrive the best in them.

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