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Annotated Bibliography Essay

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  • on August 5, 2015
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Jeffrey L. McKay

REA 506 – Literature Based Language Arts

Children’s Book Project – 20 book Annotated Bibliography

Baily, C. & Willi, D. (2002). Survivors: True Stories about Real Kids. Scholastic Inc. Read 180, Stage C, pages 4-60

      Language Arts and History teachers use this book to depict life in other states and countries. Life isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it’s painfully unfair. No one knows this better than Elizabeth, who was homeless at 13. But she survived her hardships and came through a winner. In this book, nine teens speak out about overcoming the worst odds. Odds like war, hate, and horrible accidents. Listen to their tales--- and find out what these kids did when the odds were stacked against them.

Blake, J (2002). Raising the Roof: W.N.B.A. Action on the Court and Behind the Scenes. W.N.B.A. Enterprises LLC.   Read 180, Stage C, pages 4-40.

This would be a good book to have for Black History or Women’s Month. The book discusses how women are Presidents and General Managers of professional women basketball teams, women as professional athletes, trainers, and referees. It depicts women as role models, and sports reporters. This is beneficial and serves the purpose for future women who want to break into professional sports like men do. You’ll get to know Val Ackerman, who made the dream of a professional basketball league for women a reality. You’ll also meet Kristie Ackert, the reporter who gets the scoop and knows the score. And you’ll find out about other women who make things happen off the court.

Blum, J. & Rinaldo, J. (2005). Reality Strikes: Real Kids. Real Problems. Real Life. Scholastic Inc. Read 180, Stage C, pages 4-71.

      Language Arts and History teachers do thematic units on gang violence and homelessness in America. Lisa was addicted to gambling. Sergio was leader of a violent gang. Zairia and her and her family were homeless for two years. At one time, these kids feared their lives were...

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