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Ant 211 Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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ANT 211
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          Ethnography is the work of describing a culture. This is the work to know another culture. The main point of ethnography is to learn another way of life from the native point of view. The main goal of ethnography is to go inside a culture to find out their way of life, experience, and their culture. The anthropologists go where people live. In the article by James Spradley, George Hicks mentions that to learn another culture means the way to see the world from other culture’s perspective. As his experience, in order to discover the hidden principles of another way of life, the researcher must become a student and all surrounding the culture become teacher. Discovering the insider’s view is one kind of special knowledge that goes mainly on the outsider’s view.
James says about Inuit women that to learn the culture is to set aside belief in native realism and the almost universal belief that all people state the real world of objects, events, materials are the same. The most necessary point of ethnography is to concern with the meaning of actions and events to people we seek to understand. Some of this meanings are directly expressed in language and some indirectly though word and action. Even in every culture people make immediate use of these complex meaning system to recognize his or her behavior, to understand around them and to make sense out of the world in which they live.
          According to James P. Spradley in order to study other culture, three fundamental aspects of human experience are strongly required and they are what people do, what people know and the things people make and use. In ethnographic fieldwork is best to distinguish among these three, though in most situations they are usually contain together. The common activity in a culture depends on cultural artifacts; the things people do from natural resources. If we compare the culture with a deep lake, we can easily see behavior and artifacts and that is the...

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