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Anti Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: History
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Latent and Manifest functionality in The Lost Battalion
January 12, 2012
  * Going to college: The manifest functionality of going to college is so we can get education and earn a degree. There are also many latent functionalities of going to college. Due to the degree, you can get a job and make money. Also, while going to college you meet many different people and learn about yourself.
  * Participating in a high school athletic or another extra-curricular activity: The primary purpose of participating in an activity is for enjoyment purposes. They like the sport they are participating in or the extra-curricular activity. It can also have many secondary purposes and help you out in life. For example, participating in sports keeps your body healthy. Participating in these activities would help the student get into college in the long run.
  * Getting a summer job as an intern with a major corporation: Some of the intern jobs pay money and so earning money could be one of the primary purposes. Mostly, the primary purposes are so they can learn about the business and get experience in it. The secondary purpose is getting a job later on in life due to the internship. You wouldn’t get the job only due to the internship but it would help you put above the other people looking for the same job.  

  1. In The Lost Battalion, the young officers and men are very dependent on each other. They respect each other and work together in order to survive. I believe the manifest functionality of the US army or any other branch of the military is to protect United States of America. Their purpose is to maintain peace and overcome any nations responsible for aggressive acts that risk the peace and security of United States.

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