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Anything Essay

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Business Studies in Action: HSC Course 3rd edition

Chapter summaries

Topic 1: Business management and change

Chapter 2 Understanding business organisations with reference to management theories

• The management philosophy adopted by a business will have an enormous impact on all aspects of the business’s operations.

• A classical perspective on management, pioneered by Max Weber and Henri Fayol, emphasises how best to manage and organise work so as to improve productivity.

• A scientific approach to management, pioneered by Frederick Taylor, studies a job in great detail to discover the best way to perform it.

  Classical and scientific management theory:

      - Time and motion studies used to reduce inefficiencies
      - Hierarchical organisational structure (bureaucracy)
      - Clear lines of authority (chain of command)
      - Narrow span of control
      - Productivity improvements through division of labour
      - Production line methods
      - Discipline as a feature of leadership
      - Autocratic leadership style; rules and procedures.

• Management functions:
        - planning: a predetermined course of action. Involves strategic, tactical and operational planning.
        - organising: the range of activities that translate the objectives into reality.
        - controlling: compares what was intended to happen with what has actually occurred.

• Management hierarchy is the arrangement that provides increasing authority at higher levels of the hierarchy.

• Senior managers have greater accountability, responsibility and power compared to those managers at lower levels of the pyramid.

Board of directors; CEO; CFO;CIO
  Senior executives

Divisional manager; Store manager.

    Middle management team

Team manager; Supervisor

    Frontline management team

  Traditional management hierarchy

• Managers should bring a range of leadership styles to their...

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