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Anything Can Happen Essay

  • Submitted by: kayla7597
  • on October 20, 2013
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Anything Can Happen
It was just a normal Saturday morning. My sister and I where on our way to go meet my dad. I was driving down a gravel back road, the same back road that I have drove a hundred times. The same back road that my dad would let me drive down while sitting on his lap when I was little. I knew this road. I knew anything could happen at any second and that I should always be ready, but this time I wasn’t.  
The warm sun was shining the window. My sister was sitting in the passenger seat singing along with the radio. I felt a small but sharp jerk at the steering wheel. The back end of the car stared sliding from side to side. I turned the wheel a little to the left, then a little to the right, and straightened out again. Thinking the worst was over and feeling a little shook up, I tapped my breaks to try to slow down. That’s when I realized this little ride wasn’t even close to being over.
The whole back end of the car slid to the right and the front right side of the car hit the bank. The music that my sister was singing along to just moments before faded out completely. There was no noise at all until the next hit. The car flipped up on to the bank and time stopped. A single blink felt like it took forever. I looked out the window only to see huge, dark, dust clouds surrounding the car. The coins from the cup holders and other parts from the dash flew around my face like a havoc tornado. The other items in the car tumbled around like clothes in a dryer. My head was whipping from side to side as we continued to flip a few more times.
As we were flipping, I never felt scared, but I had this feeling of emptiness and confusion. It reminded me of when you go to the dentist and they give you that silly gas to calm your nerves and it makes you slightly incoherent, I could see what was going on, but I couldn’t register that it was real. I felt completely helpless and had no control over what would happen next. Each time the car hit the ground it was...

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