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Ap Psych Module Three Essay

  • Submitted by: lillipad26
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Living in the twenty first century can be hard enough. Another whole layer of confusion can be added when you start interpreting the lives of todays teens. Trapped in a world where simply being a young adult means molding ones self to the “social norms” expected, teens will often go to extreme lengths to find the acceptance they desire including bullying, texting and living alternate lives inside the internet.
Most teens are found within the 5th stage of psychological development, or the stage where the conflict between discovering ones identity and the urge to fit in most takes place. A child is most influenced by their parents growing up. Whether itʼs having permissive parents, ones that are authoritarian, or authoritative, children are going to grow up with various outlooks depending on how they respond to this parenting. Studies are now showing that parents play a crucial role in whether or not their children will grow up to be bullies. For example, simple spats or arguments between a husband and wife can set a bad example for a child, let alone simple judgements made about other people (Shelly, CNN). One major aspect of being a teenager is the notion that approximately 90% of teens have cell phones, and use them to connect with their peers socially. The urge to fit in greatly conflicts with finding ones true identity. This is especially difficult for teens to comprehend simply because being a teenager is all the more difficult when there is a constant looming fear of judgement over all their heads. Still, texting allows teens to respond in their own time and plan their words accordingly, without the real time pressure of talking in person or on the phone (Gahran, CNN). Lastly, we can clearly see the drive to establish identity through the secrets keep from their parents. With products like McAfee security software, parents are now able to see that their children are attempting to keep their internet histories private, in fact, 70% of all teens are said to do...

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