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Ap Us History Study Guide the Road to Revolution Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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Name:  Adonis Diaz                                         Test on 9-5-12
APUSH Chapter 4-6 Study Guide
1. As the seventeenth century wore on, regional differences continued to crystallize, most notably
The increasing importance of slave labor
 2. The population of the Chesapeake colonies throughout the first half of the seventeenth century was notable for its
Scarcity of women
? 3. In the seventeenth century, due to a high death rate families were both few and fragile in
The ferocious environment of Chesapeake
?  4. The “headright” system, which made some people very wealthy, consisted of
Receiving fifty acres of land for paying a laborers passage to Virginia or Maryland
5. Seventeenth-century colonial tobacco growers usually responded to depressed prices for their crop by
Planting and bringing more of their crop to the market
6. For their labor in the colonies indentured servants received all of the following except
passage to America.
a suit of clothes.
a few barrels of corn.
**a headright.
at times a small parcel of land.
7. Throughout the greater part of the seventeenth century, the Chesapeake colonies acquired most of the labor they needed from
Indentured Servants
? 8. By the end of the seventeenth century, indentured servants who gained their freedom
Often still had to hire themselves out.
9. Bacon's Rebellion was supported mainly by
Single young men
? 10. The immediate reason for Bacon's Rebellion was
Resentment of Berkley’s policies with Native Americans
11. As a result of Bacon's Rebellion,
Planters began to look for less troublesome laborers
12. After 1680, reliance on slave labor in colonial America rapidly increased because
Rising wages in England made for less indentured servants
13. For those Africans who were sold into slavery, the “middle passage” can be best described as
The gruesome voyage to America
14. While slavery might have begun in America for economic reasons,
But by the end of the seventeenth...

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