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Apa Guidelines Essay

  • Submitted by: malasunny
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Apa Guidelines" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

APA Style Guide to Citations – 2010 APA now uses 0.5 hanging indent formatting in the reference list. For In-Text direct quotes, add page numbers: e.g, (Komisar, 1991, p. 13) Books (One author) Reference: Kmoisar, L. (1991). The new feminism. New York: Franklin Watts. In-text: (Komisar, 1991, p. 201) Books (Two to three authors) Reference: Strunk, W., Jr., & White, E.B. (1979). The elements of style (3rd ed.). New York: Macmillan. In-text (Two authors): (Strunk & White, 1979, p.43) In-text (Three or more authors): (Strunk, White, & Smith, 1979, p.43) Books (Corporate author) Reference: Ohio State University. Natural Resources Institute (1959). A directoryof Ohio facilities and services for resource conservation. Columbus, OH: Natural Resources Institute. In-text: (Ohio State University Natural Resources Institute, 1959, p. 33) Book Chapter Reference: Roll, W.P. (1976). ESP and memory. In J.M.O. Wheatley & H.L. Edge (Eds.). Philosophical dimensions of parapsychology (pp. 154-184). Springfield, IL: American Psychiatric Press. In-text: (Roll, 1976, p. 161)

Journal Article (One author) Reference: Maki, R.H. (1982). Categorization effects which occur in comparative judgment tasks. Memory & Cognition, 10, 252-264. In-text: (Maki, 1982, p. 260) Journal Article (Two authors) Reference: Atkinson, R.C., & Shiffrin, R.M. (1971). The control of short-term memory Scientific American, 225, 82-90. In-text: (Atkinson & Shiffrin, 1971, p.87) Magazine Article (No author) Reference: The blood business (1992, September 11). Time, 97, 47-48. In-text: ("Blood Busines," 1992, p. 47) Magazine Article (One author) Reference: Kandel, E.R. (2000, November 10). Neuroscience: Breaking down scientific barriers to the study of brain and mind. Science, 290, 1113-1120. In-text: (Kandel, 2000, p. 1119) Encyclopedia Article Reference: Warren, S.A. (1977). Mental retardation and environment. In International encyclopedia of psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis, and neurology (Vol. 7, pp....

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