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Apes Essay

  • Submitted by: Gyalbaa
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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It is so interesting that apes and humans have so much in common. We can learn about what we have in common, and what’s different, and these two inform each other. In my opinion, humans are primates. The physical and genetic similarities show that the modern human species has a very close relationship to another group of primate species: the apes. Humans and the apes share a common ancestor that lived sometime between 8 million and 6 million years ago. “Mysterious origins of mans.”
Primatology is the study of primates. By studying primates, we are esentially studying ourselves. Since the scientists have proved that primates and humans have similar ancestors, through studying primates we can learn more about human’s evolution, development, and physical parts. By studying primates behavior; for example Apes can watch another ape do something—like use a stick to dig for termites—and somehow pick up that skill. But it doesn't seem like each generation stands on the shoulders of the previous. But if person figures out a new skill, and the next one starts where that first person left off, then you can really speed up the process of building a culture. A lot of things are involved in humans being able to do that, but one little part of it, and one part that we can study in both humans and apes, is the process of imitation. Through this we can learn about how we diifer from primates and what makes us a “human”.  

For centuries we have been looking for this question’s answer. How did we become the linguistic, cultured, and hugely successful apes that we are? Our closest relatives--the other mentally complex and socially skilled primates--offer tantalizing clues. Chimps, especially, not only look like us, they also share with us some human-like behaviors. They make and use tools and teach those skills to their offspring. They prey on other animals and occasionally murder each other. They have complex social hierarchies and some aspects of what anthropologists consider...

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