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Apocalypse Essay

  • Submitted by: jmbc1207
  • on January 5, 2013
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As the Holidays come closer, many Americans are spending their time gathering presents, making a feast of a dinner for their guests and making sure that everything is absolutely perfect for that special day. However, there are also those with the suspicion that we won’t even make it to Christmas this year. As December 21st nears, many Americans believe in an armageddon, an end or a big change in the world as we know it today. While they try to prepare for this event, it brings about the question, how will it all happen? If December 21st is really our doomsday then what are we up against? Many individuals and groups have come up with theories and ideas to try and make sense of the strange occurrences that may just be the premises for our demise.
Perhaps the most popular theory about the end of the world is associated with the end of the Mayan calendar. According to believers of the December 21st apocalypse, the world will be left in a new era physically and mentally, or completely not existent. The Mayan calendar is divided into “baktuns,” which are 144,000 day cycles. The Mayan calendar has gone through 5,126 cycles with the last recorded cycle coming to an end. However, skeptics of this idea argue that this doesn’t mean anything, considering all of the other threats of global catastrophe that haven’t played out as suspected.
For centuries, we seemed to be the only life forms in the galaxy. but what if all this time, we were merely being watched by greater, smarter and stronger beings? This is the way of thinking for another group of people. According to civilians, UFO’s have been spotted and abductions have taken place during eery nights, with the people being taken and not seen again. According to this theory, aliens are simply waiting in our atmosphere for the right moment to enslave us. Yet, despite these feelings, skeptics still claim that these aliens don’t exist and are just a product of imagination.
With recent reports of cannibalism in the United...

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