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Apocalytic Literature of the Bible Essay

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  • on October 7, 2012
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Mia Thornton

Mr. Muhammed

June 23,2011


Chapters 20-21

I would like to take an in-depth view of the book of Revelation’s chapter 20-21. The structure of my paper will include verses from the book of Revelation and a breakdown of each verse and what I have interpreted from the reading.

Revelation 20: 1-15

Satan is bound for a thousand years. (1-3) The first resurrection; those are blessed that have part therein. (4-6) Satan loosed, Gog and Magog. (7-10) The last and general resurrection. (11-15)
Verse 1-3: Satan is now confined with restraints, that prohibit him from alluding mankind for a thousand years. It is indeed Christ that has done this. This is a period when the church   shall have peace and tranquility. I also looked at the parallelisms of the physical and spiritual churches; the old and new testament. Where as in the old testament, the physical church reigned for forty years in comparison to the spiritual church, led by Christ, for a thousand years. The leaders of both churches were and are key figures in Judaism and Christianity, Moses and Jesus Christ.

Verse 4-6: The saints of heaven are now in a powerful position to reign for the time that Satan is bound. The first resurrection takes places and only those who served Christ and have died in his name shall rise and from there on reign with Christ in the spiritual kingdom. It is mt belief that during this time Christianity shall make its presence known and prevail as the true religion of man. I have interpreted this as also having and relating back to forgiveness and redemption for the sins of mankind; a second chance for those still lost in their beliefs.

Verse 7-10: It has been a thousand years and Satan is now loose and free from his restraints. It is my hope that mankind will continue to serve Christ. Satan has not lost all of his powers but can still have an influence on mankind. God will help with the end of Satan’s terror in hopes that all glory and power...

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