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Appendix F Essay

  • Submitted by: mrstrobertson
  • on February 18, 2012
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Axia College Material
Appendix F

Final Exam –
    • Access the Electronic Reserve Readings link on your student Web site for Week Nine.
    • Select one of the topics and read both articles that present opposing sides of the argument surrounding that topic.
    • Answer the following questions in paragraphs of 100+ words demonstrating your critical and creative thinking skills.
      • Bold, highlight, underline, or color the font for the terms to indicate the terms used from the textbook for each question.
      • Cite sources and provide references (including our textbook) according to the Axia Style Guide Handbook.
    • Sign and post the Certificate of Originality to the Assignments Tab for this work.

Final Exam

    1. Identify if the topic you chose, as presented by both articles, is a problem or an issue and explain what makes it a problem or an issue. When the articles present both problems and issues, identify and explain what the problems are and what the issues are.

    2. Were the problems or issues expressed effectively? Describe how the problems or issues were or were not best expressed.
            3. How would you determine the credibility of the sources of information used by the authors in the articles when investigating the problems or issues presented by your topic?

    4. Compare two steps that would be most effective in refining solutions to the problem and resolutions to the issues presented by your topic.

    5. Identify three strategies that could help you foster criticism when evaluating both arguments for your topic.

    6. Identify three approaches that would be most effective in refining solutions to the problem.

    7. Identify at least three errors affecting truth and validity in the arguments for your chosen topic.

    8. Summarize the steps you completed while evaluating both sides of your topic.

    9. Explain what techniques you would use to present...

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