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Appendix H Paper

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The status of women throughout history is clearly recognized as very feminine. Women were feminine and wore nice dresses and clothes that outlined them as women. They all went with the times and understood their styles of every year and all followed one another with those styles. They were women that loved men and had husbands and always showed grace and girl like qualities. They had tea with other women and parties and all around showed that they were women. Women held the status of being very motherly and were seen as fragile people. Today, it is not so common that a woman wears a dress or attends tea parties or has a “look” like women in history. Times are definitely more modern and clothes, hair, and women in general are much different from back then. There are still women that are similar to those of women in history but many have changed. There are women today that prefer another woman to a man to marry. Girls and women today wear pants and shorts and of course skirts and dresses. The status of women today includes many different examples. Women are more open to different things and new ways to look and dress. They are not so much seen as the fragile mothers but more independent and strong today. They are able to do much more today that they could not do in the past because of their gender. With equality for women today and all the organizations to help them, there have been many opportunities for Women that have been long awaited. Women are much like they were back then in history, but with a twist in todays society. Today is much different from the history and past of women. There are all new thoughts of having same sex marriages, liking both sexes and transgender relationships. None of these were nearly as popular if not at all back then as they are now in today’s world. Back then it would be viewed as very different and probably not supported. GLBT was not “the way” back then. Tradition, and a man and a woman were what relationships were meant to be, or...

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