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Apple Inc. Essay

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1. Of the four conditions in the business world that will most affect how AMs direct activities, which two do you think will affect your life most? Why?

I think that the significance of corporate culture to the practice of effective management, and the increasing workloads of employers and issues surrounding their work/life boundaries. I believe these will have an effect on me personally because an increase in employees is an increase in stress on the managers. They will have to take over our tasks as well as manage other employees and their tasks.

2. Describe someone you know who is struggling with setting reasonable work/life boundaries at work and at home, in your opinion, to what extent is it a difficult or easy process.

I believe for most people it is separate your home and work life. After having a stressful day at work that doesn’t want to discuss it with someone outside of the workplace when you get home. I also have seen outside problems effect individuals’ attitude/efficiency in the work place. Bringing your personal life problems from outside the office inside the office can be a distraction to you as well as other employees around you. It can be difficult to hide these problems depending the severity, but having emotional control is important in having a successful work experience.

3. In your opinion, if a person does not want to be monitored on the job by a computer, should that person have a choice in that matter?

I don’t believe that it should be the employer’s choice if they are being monitored or not. Monitoring employees is the best way for a company to successfully insure every employee is 100% on the job.   The work place is for getting work done, and with all that the Internet has to offer our generation it is easy for employees to find distractions to take up their time. This is an easy way to manage that your employees are staying on task, and not wasting time.

4. Do you believe you would feel comfortable in a mentor...

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