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Apush Ids Essay

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  • on October 5, 2012
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Chapter One ID’s
League of the Iroquois
  * A group of five nations were once in constant warfare and civil violence, but two men named Hiawatha and Degamawidah (peacemaker) introduced the ritual of condolence as a message of peace to each of the 5 nations, thus settling differences and creating a council of chiefs. This resulted in the powerful League of Iroquois at around 1400 A.D.
  * Characterized by hunting and gathering mobile groups, although some were sedentary and relied on fish.
  * Hereditary governing by chiefs, kings, and emperors. They are viewed as multigenerational families. They maintained peace through mutual obligation.   They viewed the universe is sacred. Also exchanged goods technology and religious ideas.
  * Earliest Americans that are believed to establish the foundations of Native American life.
  * Society shared responsibility; males hunted while females prepared food and cared for children.
  * Left territories often to gather materials to build spears and tools and to exchange ideas and goods.
  * Participated in religious rituals and ceremonies.
  * Hunted large mammals including mammals and therefore they contributed to their extinction.
  * Spanish soldiers that conquered Mesoamerican societies
  * Prospered from Native American resources
  * Wreaked havoc and stopped any further expansion from the Aztecs when they arrived in 1519.
Hohokam culture
  * Emerged during the third century
  * Created irrigation canals that enabled them to harvest crops that were maintained by large work forces.
  * Their culture resembled Mesoamerican materials and ideas.  
  * Mesoamericans also influenced the art of clay, stone , and shell.
  * Made rubber balls, macaw feathers, and copper bells.
Anasazi and Pueblo cultures
  * The culture Anasazi, meaning ancient ones emerged around the first century B.C.
  * Harvested crops, made pottery, and lived in sedentary villages....

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