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Aqa Questions On Childhood Essay

  • Submitted by: cade
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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1. A child-centered society is one that puts the welfare of children first in terms of priority.
2. one way in which the line between childhood and adulthood is becoming blurred is by the cloths sold in shops, the line between children’s cloths and adult’s cloths is almost gone, you have children’s cloths being sold in a smaller size but it would originally have been for adults e.g. crop tops and padded bra’s. Another way in which the line between childhood and adulthood is becoming blurred is by a change in norm, children have sex at a younger age, even though its under the legal age they may still do it, also pole dancing is now done as a sport and can be done by anyone however most people associate it with something for adults to do.
3. One way it changed childhood is that they were made to grow up fast, they had to go to work early hours for long periods of time, they had no time to play and do the nor seen in childhood today they would work sleep and eat. They were told what to do and when and they had no choice but to do as they were told, the money earned would go to the parent to look after the family and house. This is still seen in the society of today by how controlling some parents can be. Some parents control their children’s time hobbies, what they are dress like and relationships.
Children were treated in a completely different way 200 years ago. According to Phillipe Aries, whose research was based on analysis of letters and other documents of that time in Medieval Europe, children were not seen as a different part of the society and were mostly treated like adults   they were wearing adult clothes, they were working in the same conditions with adults and their behaviour was similar to adults.
The changes in the position of children began when the upper class started to send their children to schools in order to educate them. During the process of industrialisation, this tendency in the upper classes was developing, while children from...

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