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Arataki Honey Interdependence Relationships Essay

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Arataki Honey has an interdependent relationship with the producer sector such as local farmers and Orchardists because they provide Arataki with land to situate their beehives. Without the farmers land Arataki would not have any land to produce any honey. As for the farmers e.g. orchardist, bees are crucial for cross pollination of their crops. Therefore farmers are dependent on Arataki Honey to provide them with bees for pollinating and Arataki Honey relies on farmers for land.   Because Arataki Honey and Farmers are interdependent a kind payment of 12kg of honeys is given to the farmers for providing them with land.
Arataki Honey relies on UniPak disposals and Arthur Home Ltd (wholesale distributor) to provide them with mass quantities of plastic containers. So they can fill the processed honey into the containers ready to be labelled and marketed. UniPak and Arthur Home depend on Arataki Honey to purchase large quantities of packaging so they can receive income to cover costs of production and to make a profit.  
Arataki Honey is interdependent ( have a mutual reliance) with the household sector   as they require their labour, land, capital and management skills (resource ). Arataki Honey also relies on household sectors for consumption, they rely on consumers to purchase Honey so Arataki can earn income to cover costs and increase profit. The Household Sector depends on Arataki to provide them with income by offering a chance of employment as well as making available goods and services to satisfy our needs and wants.  
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